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the living room gets a quick makeover

2010 August 17
by lina

Last week I shared a sneak peak of our living room makeover.  The room that probably gets the most use in our house needed a quick refresh and redo.  After using it as a space for storage, building kitchen cabinets, and then turning it into a temporary dining space; it was finally time to bring it back to its primary purpose.  And to do that, we touched it up with a little bit of paint…

living room

Since the living and dining rooms are adjacent spaces, I decided to paint them the same color:  Benjamin Moore, Silver Marlin.  You can read all about our dining room painting project here.

living before

Just thought I’d throw in a little refresher of what the room used to look like.  Yup, Colonel Mustard has officially left the building!  The best part about it:  Our sofa no longer blends in with the walls!

living room

You may have also noticed the addition of a new rug.  Previously, the room didn’t have one because we had been working on so many different projects that it was impossible to even begin to think of furnishing this space. Now the room has definition and character. And of course, I channeled Overstock for purchasing this sisal area rug.

living room

We already owned this shelving unit, but I added a few storage bins from West Elm Outlet to dress it up more.  I love how the cream and orange compliment the silver/blue tone on the walls.  I’m still reworking this corner.  Currently, my college furniture project is being used as a space filler.  Eventually, I’d like to get a chaise or perhaps a chair with an ottoman to create an additional seating area.  And I can’t forget to mention, the Chinese Garden stool.

living room - storing husband's things

Oh, and if you’re wondering what on earth I’d ever put in those storage bins?  Well, they turned out to be a great solution for hiding all my husbands toys and gadgets!

So that’s our latest home improvement project.  As always, I’ll be discussing all updates and design ideas on the blog in future posts.


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  1. Isabelle permalink
    August 17, 2010

    I like the silver, but why you would ever want to get rid of that gorgeous yellow is beyond me 😉 It’s such a happy color. p.s. I like your coffee table. The storage on the underside is nifty.

  2. August 17, 2010

    The yellow was way too harsh. I like bright accents, but I want the walls toned down and clean. We’ll be updating the den in the coming months. Currently, the walls in that room are bright orange!

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